Wallet MINI Ananas Grey

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Wallet MINI Ananas Grey

MINI is a minimalistic wallet / card and car documents holder.

It is a slightly enlarged version of the smallest model from the collection - MIKRO.

Wallet is made out of Piñatex - natural, innovative and patented new material, made from pineapple leaf fibres gathered by partner farming cooperatives in the Philippines. Piñatex fibres are the by-product of the pineapple harvest. No extra land, water, fertiliser or pesticides are required to produce the base material.

This material is ultra light and waterproof and same time extremely durable, elastic and breathable. It’s „wrinkled” characteristic structure makes it very unique and resistant to signs of aging. In natural, black and red bag single fibres are visible when looking from very close.

According to the producer it’s possible to clean the material with bit of water and soft detergent.

- transparent pocket with a zipper: for coins, keys, pictures and so on

- 3 separate slots for cards, one is transparent

- car documents fit inside

- closing with a rubber strap

- special strap to attach keys, keychains and other pendants

- unisex

- compact size

-ultra light


closed: 12,5 x 8 cm

opened: 12,5 x 25 cm

Designed by Alicja Getka LAB

High quality of a handmade work

Handcrafted in Warsaw

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