Boxy Bag L Coral

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Boxy Bag L Coral - two-piece bag

An enlarged version of our roomy Boxy Bag - "boxes", the shape and size of which depends on the contents carried inside.

- Leather bag with a long flap fastened with two snaps - the flap bends in half, at the level of the content inserted inside, or stays upright (when the bag is more filled).
- Leather zip pocket inside the bag to act as an organizer.
- Divider dividing the inside of the bag into two spaces - larger and smaller.
- Outer sachet fastened with a metal zip (anti-nickel) that can be clipped on the front or back of the bag, or fully detached and used with the strap as a separate bag in the size of a clutch. The sachet has two fronts - leather and transparent made of foil, which allows you to use the phone without removing it from the sachet. Inside the sachet has two compartments.
- Includes two detachable leather straps: a longer one with adjustable length and a shorter one that works perfectly as a handle. Two strap attachment points, halfway up the bag or at the top when using a straightened purse.

- Total dimensions (after opening the flap): 37.5 x 25.5 x 9 cm

The color or texture of the skin may slightly differ from that shown in the picture.
Photos with the model illustrative.

Original design and high quality of hand-made in the studio Alicja Getka Lab.

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